AIRSOFT Zombie Infection – How Long Can You Survive?

AIRSOFT Zombie Infection – How Long Can You Survive?

I’m gonna pass the cards out. There’s two red cards in here if you get a red card You are secretly an infected zombie within the first 60 SEC’s of the game you need to turn and then attack somebody You can either do it with your hands, or your sword you can’t do with your gun everyone else are survivors. They have spring 1911’s. The only way to kill a zombie is by shooting the zombie in the head. If you’re zombie and you don’t get shot in the head you keep going. The survivors are gonna start off right here in the staging area. The only way for them to win is to get to the trust bus, turn on the siren, And then there’s another siren in the far back corner over there They need to turn that one on. It has to be in that order. Once you turn on the second siren Then you have to run all the way back to this area and get across this yellow line. To get across this yellow line You survive The zombies can turn at any time we step past the yellow line. Yes, they can turn any time But they have to turn within this first 60 seconds Just place them. Just put ’em down right there. Well imma have my gun out Let’s see if we survive, guys. How many bullets do you have in these guns? They’re mostly maxed out I don’t know, you probably have close to like ten. Okay. You have at least ten, I say. Okay. All right. You have more than one Everyone hands in, eyes closed, heads down. Zombies: raise your thumbs and look at each other zombies lower your thumbs Everyone hands down. Eyes open. Zombies are conspiring, ooo. Remember, you have to hit it in order, okay? This one first, then that one. Some Resident Evil shit. Like Resident Evil, like, kinda crazy like government conspiracy shit It’s like Las Plagas shit. Alright here we go Are we running? You can run. You can do whatever you want. It’s up to you. Here we go, game is live in 3 2 1. Go! Your mag fell out, your mag fell out. Whose magazine? Whoa. I’m gonna be in the back. Where are we going? Go Go Go Go Go Go Go. Stay away from me, stay away from me. I thought you were telling me to come here. Run D! Get away from me, Jet. Jet, get the- I do not trust you, Jet, you killed me last time Turn that siren on! Go, go, go, I think some people have died already Ah, I didn’t getcha. Just put in the corner there and turn it on. Ah, man, there’s definitely zombies. I can hear zombies. Oh god! Oh no! Oh no! AH! I can hear zombies Are you dead? Oh jeez! Don’t slow down, don’t slow down! Is Leigh still alive? I killed Leigh. Oh okay, that’s game. Oh, man. What else? Oh, dang. Oh, it’s fast Because when you don’t have objectives it just ends up being like a desperate fight to see who can stay alive the longest. We should do one zombie. But it’s actually pretty funny Wanna do one zombie, no objective? Just like, hoard mode. Survival mode. Just one zombie and like no objective Just like, a last man standing Okay, yeah We almost made it we were this close. Dude, Niko caught me so hard. He like swung and caught me and knocked me off my feet It’s so good. Dude, Niko, that sword slash right across the chest. You’re like You’re like, hwuah, haha, ha. Like ah, no. Let’s just do a regular zombie game No “the goal” because the goal just makes it end in like a minute ago. Cause the zombies know where to go to kill everybody off. Exactly. So we’re gonna go back to the old rules where There is no goal other than to be the last one standing and survive as long as you can. There- I mean there’s no winner in the zombie apocalypse, guys. You just survived as long as you can. Yeah, haven’t you guys seen Dawn of the Dead? Still two zombies in here, okay? Who were the zombies last game? I was. Me and it was, me and Alex. Zombies, raise your thumbs and look at each other Zombies, lower your thumbs Everyone, hands down, eyes open. Can we use this against the zombies? No. What if we run out of bb’s? if you run out of bb’s then you can sword fight the zombies, yes. Okay, got it This is just medieval airsoft. When you die you get sent back in time. Haha, that’s a better way to explain it. When you die you time travel back 500 years. And you forget how to hold all your firearms. You turn into a caveman. I realized, with this longsword, I can’t carry it and also cock my gun Whoops, hang on, let’s see if I can get this. Close, but no cigar. One more time, one more time, one more time. Where’s that vector? That’s a really good question. We’re gonna need that vector if we’re gonna to survive. Hey, where’s that vector at? Game is live in 3, 2, 1! Can’t tell if there’s a round in here or not. Test firing. Oh yeah, that’s working. It’s working real good. Yo, D, let’s find that vector. Alright. I hear a zombie apocalypse happening Yeah, wait, wait, do you get that? Should we try to- let’s contain it, let’s contain it. Here we go, stick together, bro. Okay, okay. Oh jeez Can I stay close to you? That depends, are you a zombie? I am NOT a zombie. Someone’s already a zombie. Stay over there. Okay. That’s not a good sign We gotta stick together, bro Okay Okay No, it’s a zombie *Pew* Hehe ahhh *immediately dies* Yes Yeah We got more zombies up in this area. Zombies this way? You heard the screams, you heard the screams. Leigh got hurt. Oh, behind us, behind us. Oh no. It’s empty, what?! Anybody else alive? Jet. I think everyone’s dead. Let’s hunt him. Yeah Oh no! Where’s the vector? Oh crap. Man, dude, you’re, you’re really good at hiding with all the camouflage Dude, Jet, those moves! Dude, the car jump, and then that little slide. That slide was kind of cool. That was kinda cool. Oh my god. Oh man, my amateur parkour moves couldn’t save me Yeah, those were the coolest airsoft moves I’ve ever seen, Jet. Did I hit you in the head, Sam, with that slide? Yes. Oh dang, that’s sick. He ran up, and was like, BOOP, and like perfectly slid past me Hey, let’s cut down this side OVER THERE! Abort, abort, abort, abort Hit! Shoulder hit.

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  1. I think swords are too overpowered. You can kill someone from two feet away making zombies completley unstoppable and too hard to fight against

  2. Zombies need more nerf. They can run, BUT certain shots to certain places can limit them. Ex: Shot to leg limits them to a jog. Shots to both arms forces them to knock head to infect, etc.

  3. Hey i got an idea for another zombie game
    Survivors have sping 1911s and have to find the terrorist bomb while zombies still have the intent of infecting everyone if the survivors activate the bomb they win but if the zombies here it being activated it becomes their number one priority to deactivate it if it gos off survivors successfully stoped the infection and win if the zombies kill everyone they send in two military soldiers with m4s to activate the bomb if they fail the zombies win the first two infected are alphas and take two shots to the head

  4. 9:19 car slide
    9:36 badass kill followed by floor slide

    Came straight out of resident evil with a "Main Character Shield".

  5. I'm surprised that no one mention the song for the 2nd round. For people to find it, its from the game based off of the silent hill movie.

  6. Niko’s mask was the only thing hiding us from seeing the depression in his face of knowing one of his best friends betrayed him like that.

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