A Stealthy Praying Mantis Ambushes a Worker Bee

A Stealthy Praying Mantis Ambushes a Worker Bee

55 thoughts on “A Stealthy Praying Mantis Ambushes a Worker Bee”

  1. Oh man, the most horrifying part was watching it eat the poor bee… FACE FIRST.

    Bad enough poor bee has to be food, but now you got mouth parts in your face… chewing it off.

  2. Praying mantis, my favorite insect of the insect world! I watched one in my garden eating an ant she held clasped in one of her forearms… She looked like a kid eating a candy bar!! I believe they're the only insect who will actually follow you with their pupils, and they certainly do, it's incredible!! No praying mantis this year, I'm highly bummed about that…πŸ˜”

  3. I wonder how they do this kind of videos, do they put a bee in there so the mantis can grab it and they film it? it seems like almost impossible lucky to find this situation randomly

  4. Wow, that was instantaneous, bees emit a distress signal for colony members, when needed, but the praying mantis circumvented that, with the devouring of the head first…

  5. A Praying Mantis doesn't fit the description of an typical insect. They're highly intelligent, creatures. Have you ever had one look at you? It's like they analyze you. It's very uncanny like coming from an insect.

  6. Never thought smithsonian would scoop down to glueing the bee to the leaf and filming an artificial feeding as a genuine hunt. Bravo

  7. Praying mantis I caught on film catching and eating a wasp chewed it in half. It then took bites from one hand then the other. It ate the whole wasp except the wings

  8. Every single one of these has a β€œit’s brighter here” comment, come on people try something original

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