7 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects

7 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects

Mosquitoes and flies are two insects that
regularly fly around our house and annoy us, and as if that wasn’t already bad enough,
they can also transmit diseases. Whenever we notice them around our house,
our first reaction is usually to grab some repellent to keep them away. But did you know that there are some plants
that can also keep these insects far away from your home? And they can also keep other pests away such
as aphids, cochineals and caterpillars. The best part is that they’re natural and
smell much better than bug spray! These plants repel insects due to the essential
oils present in them, which happen to be what give them their pleasant odor. In other words, having rosemary or lavender
planted in your garden will significantly reduce the appearance of these unwanted insects. In today’s video we’re going to show you
some of the best plants to keep insects and pests away from our homes and gardens. Basil
Basil is great at repelling mosquitoes and flies, and since it does best in direct sunlight,
it should be placed near doors or windows. Furthermore, you can use it as a seasoning
due to its delicious fragrance. Marigolds
You’ve probably seen these bright yellow flowers decorating gardens before, but you
may not have known that they can repel insects. Just like basil, marigolds also emit a pleasant
smell that scares off bugs. Catnip
While catnip may attract cats, it keeps mosquitoes away. A study has even shown that it’s 10x more
potent than most store-bought repellents. Rosemary
We’ve already talked about rosemary oil’s health benefits on this channel, but its fragrance
is also able to keep mosquitoes and other flying insects away. Just like basil, rosemary is also a great
seasoning, which gives you another reason to have it around. Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemums contain pyrethrin, a natural insecticide. This substance repels mosquitoes and other
insects such as cockroaches, beetles and flies. You can also use this plant to avoid getting
bug bites by rubbing the leaves on your skin. Geranium
One of the most common plants used to repel insects and decorate front porches is the
geranium. Geraniums smells strongly of lemon and citronella. There are also ivy geraniums which contain
a substance that serves as a natural insecticide and repellent, so it keeps mosquitoes away. Citronella
This is probably one of the best-known alternatives to repel insects, and it’s used to make
candles and oils. The plant serves as a repellent on its own,
but you can use it directly on your skin to further prevent bug bites. Try crushing some citronella leaves and rubbing
them straight on your body. You can also make a concentrated tea to clean
your house with, or leave in alcohol for a few days and use it as a spray. It becomes even more effective when it’s
used with two other natural repellents such as catnip and geranium.

66 thoughts on “7 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects”

  1. We've spent a fortune on these plants and they don't survive. The aphids destroyed them. My body is a mosquito magnet and I spray lavender oil on my skin, only thing that works.

  2. Citronella actually attracts mosquito's. I know from experience. Eucalyptus is a perfect mosquito repellent.

  3. I have two huge rosemary and basil plants in my garden, and every time i shake them hundreds of mosquitos come out of them!! They do smell nice! But they certanly dont repell mosquitos!

  4. 1. My rosemary is a giant shrub now. It’s huge. And it’s almost at my patio door. Small patio, huge rosemary that is following the sun, about four feet tall overall, some shooting up to five feet. Circumference? Hmmm. Well, it’s taking over my patio, about a quarter of it, an 8’x8’ so you get the picture.

    2. Sweet basil, like most all herbs, prefer and thrive in poor soil. It will grow to 3+ feet in height, about the same in circumference. Don’t crowd them. A branch accidentally gets broken off? Just stick it in the ground. It roots in days. A few days. You’ll have a new plant in a week.

    Marigolds – again, will thrive in poor soil. Just sprinkle a pack around your herb garden and enjoy. They’re edible and are gorgeous in salads for color.

    3. Catnip – be sure you are a cat lover for outside, or those nesting places you love to see every year with the birds will be a heartbreaker. My cat is inside. Our cardinals come back each season to the shrubs outside our window. They’re safe. And they pretty much get used to the two heads in the window looking into their house. They started this year giving us stares into our house. And they say “thank you” when the young ‘uns take flight.

  5. BS! I have tons of herbs and all those you named and everything is organic and guess what I have about 25 types of insects around my house. Aphids love to attack my herbs especially my basils, mint, rosemary, sage, brinjal, you name it. I have leaf miner attacking my bean plants, spider net on all plants, scales on my custard apple trees, various caterpillar species, grasshopper, white fly, black fly, beetles and strange looking things. And they are hungry as hell. So nope, these plants do not chase insects away. In fact they attract insects due to the fragrance. The only way to minimize the insects is to use home made spray but then it only lasts a few days.

  6. I fly around my apartment at midnight and feed on flies and moths so I never see any flies after 2am 😈😈

  7. This is a good video. Very helpful. Adding info about each plants' growing climate would be helpful though. (Just some feedback.) Thanks.

  8. Cats stink & attract flies….so I used her catnip plant to kill flies…I threw it at one it's quite effective….now the only pest I have is my wife said I must buy her a new plant…

  9. Since my deck is in Direct Sunlight about 5-8 hours a day which of these plants work well Hanging Off My Deck? Thanks,,

  10. I loved herds and aroma oils thanks for sharing your great information ℹ can’t live with out herds. ,excellent god bless and peace

  11. I got all the plants, hours later so much bees came for the flowers! I had to call the cops to get the beekeepers to come!

  12. It would have been great if you mentioned their scientific names so that people can look for them in places with other names/languages.

  13. they do not show an image of citronella what they show is an image of either lemon grass of spring onions

  14. lemon grass , smash it , it give out a strong smell , which keep any insect away , mix with water and spray

  15. Poor advice! These plants and chemicals just drive away the mosquitoes. If you want the mosquitoes to DIE, install a BAT HOUSE in a tall (6-meters or more) branch or tree near your home. The bats will roost there in daytime, and every night, will emerge to hunt mosquitoes. Plenty of carpentry plans to Google or see on YouTube. Many homes and structures in Florida, USA have such bat houses. A pair of bats will eat THOUSANDS of MOSQUITOES every night.

  16. Marigolds are supposed to be a slug/insect repellent, guess what there's not much left of them as the insects have been eating them, I think insects are building up amunity to many thing's that once worked to repel them.

  17. Actually there is no plant that keeps mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes don't care if there are any strong smells in the air because they search for carbon dioxide humans breathe out. They still can detect that even if there are strong smells in the air.
    If you want to keep them out of your house apply nets to your windows or burn incense sticks. They are afraid of fire and if there is smoke in the air they won't come close. (Doesn't help if they are already inside. They wont try to fly outside but new ones won't come in as much.) Also… only because there is natural insecticide in a plant it won't do anything as long as they dont bite into the plant. Mosquitoes don't do that.

  18. A lot of comments say that some don't work but what if they repel the insects from you by attracting them to the plant 🤔

  19. nop its not every body just say in youtube video i say its a fake information. i have 5 types of Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregon, Sage, Mints but still coming Mosquitoes and Other Insects.

  20. WARNING:
    When you make certain oils and sprays from these plants it can harm your pets and your babies. Do research these before making these and spraying around your house. You wouldn't want to rush your baby to the hospital, would you?

  21. I use citronella oil. Doesn't do shit. I sprinkled a lot of it on my bed sheets. I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning because of mosquitos zooming around my head. Turned on the light and saw three musquitos chilling on the wall above my bed.

  22. Thank you so much for this video because most of the world a have a big bug problems subscribe to this youtuber for this environmental friendly pesticide

  23. Most of these contains geraniol, which is used in artificial repellents. As well as in detergents, soaps, parfums etc, as it has a strong scent. Best part? More and more people are allergic to it! If you have rashes, fever or heavy breathing after eating garlic, Basel, lemon, or using a new deodorant, soap, shampoo etc take a look at the ingredients and watch for geraniol, you may be allergic to the substance.

  24. I do have many lemongrass, but it's not so working on any mosquitoes.
    I guess chemical repellent spray is better

  25. All that trying and planting and praying it will work…. You'll ending up buying a bottle of Bug Spray AND it will be cheaper! 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  26. I have basil in my garden…nothing seems to attack my basil but all my other plants are getting attacked by worms, aphids and insects that are right next to them and I keep getting bit up by mosquitoes I can't even see or feel on me. It's so bad I'm spraying off on me before going outside every time.

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