5 Tiny Manufactured Homes You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $40k

5 Tiny Manufactured Homes You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $40k

20 thoughts on “5 Tiny Manufactured Homes You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $40k”

  1. Would you live in a TINY 🏡? To Know The 5 Biggest Lies Of Manufactured Homes ➡️ https://youtu.be/4O2Ns0S14GU

  2. I like the last one that's put together, plumbed, etc. Nice! Would get it but how to find a place that allows it to be put in place without renting a spot. Starting to look online for property down south to put one!

  3. I've walked through this tiny house at Rollin' Homes / Prairieville, and it is NICE! Most affordable, well built. My only concern is whether two people could be happy there. One person? Definitely!

  4. I love these homes but then again I’m only small so I’ll fit . And the what friends helped him with that idea had me howling . Great video Kristina

  5. These are great for guest cottages or a elderly family member who u want to keep out of a nursing home
    I'm thinking of putting 4 or 5 on my land and rent them out to veterans who need assistance 😉

  6. These look like trailers and not manufactured homes. Pretty sure these don't have a HUD data plate or conform to appropriate HUD manufactured home standards.

  7. On the $32,990 home with free shipping, https://youtu.be/xk8UQ6AWHNU?t=378, what do you think the estimated cost / range would be for the shower, plumbing and electrical?

  8. That's awesome! I had no idea they sold those on amazon. Way too small to live in long term, but they would make a nice vacation home or cabin!

  9. Cool houses! I’d think using one as a studio or guest house would be ideal. The dad in that rendering looks like a Steve Brannon, though. Creepy AF.

  10. Did you really need to include George Carlin? Everyone knows he had a filthy, profane mouth; but, I didn't get a chance to sign off before you brought on Carlin and his ungodly mouth!

  11. I think it is fascinating they sell these on Amazon. When you were in the loft it made me think of the art studio I used to live in Toronto. A lot of us had bedrooms that were either hanging from the ceiling or up in a loft and had very low head space like that. These homes are tiny sure but if you think about it as they are the same size as most apartments but you can be detached and have property as well. Free shipping is pretty wild, do they all come in pieces to be assembled on site? Great job as always Kristina!

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