3D Bug Remover EXTREME!!

[Music & Effects]] Thanks for checking out 3D products I’m
Donald Williams in this segment we’re gonna go over and show you some extreme cases on how well equipped you will be having 3D bug removers spray. Now bug remover is an enzyme
based product that you spray on to your affected areas and you allow it to sit and eat off
and loosen some of these bug guts this is obviously an extreme case this car
went from one destination over a couple hundred miles through some open fields and we want to make sure we showed you the most some of the most extreme cases. It is
safe for the paint. It’s safe for plastics It’s also safe for the windows. This makes
removing your bug guts a whole lot easier just let it sit on there for a little
while, about a minute or two may want to avoid doing this in the sun, indirect
sunlight. Try to do it in your garage and then it can either wash it off with a pressure
washer, your garden hose, use some pink car soap, neutralize it or you could use 3D
waterless car wash which is what we’re going to show you how to use here in just
second. Now we’ve given it a couple minutes for the BUG REMOVER to actually go in and eat up some of the proteins of the bugs here we can actually take and neutralize it with some
waterless car wash. Then take and spray one towel down. Get it nice and damp, mostly lubracate the towel. You can be referred to on our waterless car wash video from other segments one towel to wipe the dirt down the other towel to buff it off. Take the second towel, so gonna go ahead and spray down the windows here first we are going to work our way from the top down. Now I can be a
little bit more aggressive with the glass because we are not worried about scratching it with the dirt that is on here. Move over to this rear view mirror, hit it with a little spray. I want to show you how well BUG REMOVER wipes this off. Make sure everything is removed. and all the bugs are gone. Now as you move to the grill it’s gonna be a lot more heavy duty, you’re going to have a lot more bugs and guts and everything plastered on here. We’re going to start with our hood; Wipe it down here make sure we neutralized all the enzymes here. And it wipes off very easy. Now for the grills that get blasted the most you can take your waterless car wash spray it down and then take a soft flog car wash brush and it’s nice and soft bristles
Its not really stiff but it’s made to be able to help remove these bug guts and also it really helps out to get into a lot of these nooks and crannies on that are so
dominant on a lot of the grills and this helps keep the; because its soft and also
helps keep from having your paint and your lenses and your grills to be getting
scratched. It helps prevent that. So we are gonna go ahead and it’s going to loosen this up and knock off some of these really lose bugs here give it a quick spray down with the
waterless wash Lets remove the rest of these bugs. eeeewwww [sound of disgust] NICE! we thank you for taking the time to check out 3D products, for checking out this edition of 3D’s bug remover spray, enzyme eater
basically what we’re looking at here eeeewwww nasty [sound of disgust] until next time I’m Donald Williams feel
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