3 Insects That Eat Eggplants, and Some Things You Can Do About Them.

3 Insects That Eat Eggplants, and Some Things You Can Do About Them.

I was out here looking at the eggplants,
doing another video, and I noticed that brown spot on that eggplant leaf there.
And whenever I see that, I automatically assume that that is done by lace bugs. When you see one really advanced like
that really brown, it’s probably too late. But when you see them start to just look
like they’re drying out in one spot, if you turn the leaf over, you will
sometimes find that. That’s a whole group of juvenile lace bugs.
There’s the adult over there, or an adult. These are real easy to to knock out
with just some insecticidal soap, or even some water and dish soap will knock them out.
Or you can just use whatever your preferred insecticide is, but if you get
them while they’re all clustered like that it’s a good way to knock them out in a
hurry. Another thing that really goes after eggplants is the blister beetle. We get a lot of
these, and I did another video a little bit ago about how you can just take a
little small dish with soapy water and hold it under them, and then let them
fall into it, and that’s an easy way to kill them. And then if you notice a
lot of small holes like this leaf has, that’s done by flea beetles. And flea
beetles are very small and black, and there are several of them on this leaf
just above the one with the holes in it. And they’re busy making more holes. When
you start seeing a lot of them, you can use several insecticides. If you don’t
want to try to stay completely organic. The bad thing about using insecticides
on your plants is it will kill the beneficial bugs like this ladybug. I
don’t really like doing that, but sometimes they get completely out of
hand. I have a product that I use that’s made from chrysanthemum flowers. While I was looking at these little flea
beetles, I just happened to look down, and what I mentioned before about the lace
bugs….there’s some more. And if I looked around, I’m sure I could find some more
of them. And it’s a good idea if you’re going to spray anything, to get them
early rather than late, like they’ve really been working over some of these
leaves. Let’s see, them spots, they probably
already raised a bunch on that one, and they’re probably mostly gone. There are
a few small ones there. But if it’s a lower leaf like that, what you can do, just
remove the leaf spray it, and throw in the trash. That way you don’t have to
affect your whole plant. If you’re just now finding this channel and you haven’t
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18 thoughts on “3 Insects That Eat Eggplants, and Some Things You Can Do About Them.”

  1. So far, eggplants are one of the few types of plants in my garden that the bugs leave alone. I hope it stays that way. Thanks to your video last season, I have germinated several Rosita and Ping Tung long eggplant seedlings for this year. Can't wait to see how well they do. I appreciate your videos.

  2. Good morning Jim. I'm pretty sure the flea beetles are my main challenge for egg plants. Thanks for the information. Best wishes Bob.

  3. Funny how when I plan and daydream about the garden, flea beetles are never in my dreams. They sure are in the real-world garden though. ; )

  4. Same dilemma here with bugs attacking eggplants. I did manage to get good harvest last season but I don't know how they will be this year though. I might have to take one or two of your advice. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Always get awesome info from you Mr. Jim! You help so many folks learn of the problems and cures they may find in their gardens. Keep up the great work and hope you have a great weekend!

  6. This is exactly why I stopped growing eggplants. They are like pest magnets in my garden. Got tired of having to inspect and spray them all of the time.

  7. Awesome shots of those pests. We have different bugs so it's cool to see. Funny how much dishsoap and water can take care of:))

  8. Great heads up on what to look for! You had everything going on there. I guess If caught at the stages you showed the plants will survive and produce ?

  9. As a kid gardening with my Dad in Kansas, those flea beetles were a real challenge. I have a lot of flea beetles in the summer, here in Oregon's Willamette Valley. But they aren't on my eggplants — they go for the new wild field mustard plants. The wild field mustard really takes a beating in the hot summer weather, but new plants will sprout in cool weather and give a nice crop. So it's a decent tradeoff, I think. It's sure a lot better than having the flea beetles riddle my eggplant leaves. Have a great 2019 garden season!

  10. Some good info on those pests early. Most of us will be seeing at least a couple of those this year. Thanks for the share!

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