3 Foods to Avoid for Yeast Infection Cure

3 Foods to Avoid for Yeast Infection Cure

Three foods to avoid for yeast infection cure
In this short video I am going to tell about 3 foods which you must avoid to cure yeast infection.
These 3 foods create an ideal atmosphere for the growth of yeast
Avoiding these foods can completely cure yeast infection. Why you should avoid these foods?
Yeast infection is the second most common cause of vaginal discharge for women
Understand that yeast infection is a lifestyle disease
It is caused by stress and poor eating habits. Is it difficult to completely cure yeast infection?
Many people don’t know the cause of yeast infection.
Many eat unhealthy foods unknowingly.
Business lures the people with such foods capitalizing their ignorance. You know one of my friends also affected with vaginal yeast infection. As usual used over the counter medications like creams, tablets and ointments.
She gets the relief but not the cure. Recurrence of yeast infection is very common. Fed up with it she took the bull by horns. Dig deep into the problem and made certain life style changes. Surprisingly she gets rid of yeast infection completely.
The following recommendations are based on that experience. #1 food to avoid for yeast infection cure:
Yeast or Candida feeds on sugar
Many people don’t know this simple fact.
Eating the sugar means feeding the yeast
Avoid any food made of processed sugar #2 food to avoid for yeast infection cure
Pasta and White Bread
Cakes, pastries, doughnuts and other baked food are made of sugar.
Each time you take the above foods, you are helping Candida to grow.
Replace foods made of white flour with foods made of whole grains. #3 food to avoid for yeast infection cure
All the processed Foods
Many processed foods are prepared with the ingredients like preservatives, sugars and additives.
All these ingredients are food for yeast and therefore must be avoided. All these ingredients are food for yeast and therefore must be avoided. Many processed foods are prepared with the ingredients like preservatives, sugars and additives.
High protein content is found in chicken maximize your height Ok So What Do You Do Now?
It’s time to avoid these foods to cure yeast infection
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  7. OHHH that explains everything.. Im a huge lover of pasta and i eat it almost everyday so idk how ill go thru that but will try tnx 😀

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