10 Pets Who Killed Their Owners

10 Pets Who Killed Their Owners

When you decide to keep pets, you should understand
the risks you’re taking. Here we present to you ten deadly pets that
killed their owners. Number 10: Pit Bull Dog
In August 2016, a 60 year old woman by the name of Susan Shawl was viciously mauled by
her two pit bulls at her home in Conifer, Colorado. Her adult son Richard who tried stepping in
also got injured, and had to call 911 for help. When rescuers arrived, the dogs were no longer
aggressive, but the elderly woman was already drawing her final breaths. Richard who survived the attack, had no idea
what prompted the pit bulls to attack his mother. However, the mother and son pair who lived
together had been issued warnings before, as their two dogs were known by neighbors
to be overly aggressive and loose. The animals were rounded up and taken into
custody, and later euthanized. The whole incident was deemed an extremely
rare and tragic case by officials. Number 9: Black Widow Spider
In 2004, local police in Dortmund, Germany had to respond to complaints of a horrendous
smell coming from an apartment. When they entered the place, they found the
corpse of Mark Voegel, the home owner, covered in cob webs, with hundreds of spiders crawling
all over his body and in and out of his mouth, ears, and nose. In addition to the creepy crawlies, Mark’s
body was being snacked on by hungry snakes, termites, and a gecko. He was estimated to have died at between a
week or two before the discovery of his corpse. Officials described the apartment as a cross
between a botanical garden and the butterfly breeding ground in the film “The Silence of
the Lambs”. The creatures had been kept in terrible conditions,
a form of animal cruelty itself. It is assumed that Mark’s black widow spider
Bettina, had ended her owner’s life with a venomous bite. Number 8: Red Deer
Gerald Rushton had been raising a European red stag since it was a faun, along with other
exotic animals in his property in Harrison County, Texas. He had been ignoring the advice of wildlife
officials to get rid of the stag as it was an exotic animal unsuitable for domestication. In November 2010, as Gerald entered the stag’s
pen to feed it, the 550 pound animal suddenly became aggressive, charging him, and pinning
him against the fence. It went on to trample the 67 year old man,
and gorged him several times with its antlers on the chest, abdomen, and back. The red stag had to be shot so rescuers could
get to Gerald, however, the poor man had died on the scene. Experts commented that since it was fall,
the deer had entered mating season, causing it to become highly aggressive and dangerous
during that time. Number 7: Domestic Hog
In September 2012, Terry Vance Garner, an elderly farmer went to feed his herd of hogs
on his Oregon Ranch. The man never returned. When family members went looking for him,
they were shocked to find bits and pieces of his body scattered throughout the hog enclosure. Due to Terry’s old age – he was 69 at the
time of his death – and no signs of criminal activity, it is believed that Terry had suffered
an accident, possibly a medical emergency such as a heart attack. The helpless man would have then been knocked
down by the 700 pound animals, before being killed and devoured. Not much was left of him, apart from his dentures
and an undisclosed body part. It was confirmed that at least one of the
hogs had been aggressive towards its now deceased owner in the past, having bitten him at least
once. Although domestic hogs are not known to be
as violent as wild hogs, there seems to always be exceptions. Number 6: Hippopotamus
Years ago, a baby hippo was saved from a flood in South Africa. Marius Els, an army major, then bought the
hippo at the age of five months after it grew too big for the people who first took it in. Named Humphrey, the creature would grow into
a 1 ton adult hippo on Marius’ 400 acre farm in Free State province. Marius was repeatedly warned to let go of
Humphrey, as it was considered a wild untamable animal. With their enormous teeth and incredible speed
despite their weight, hippos kill more humans than any other wild beasts in Africa every
year. Despite this, Marius insisted he had a special
relationship with Humphrey, and took pride in owning what was considered one of the world’s
most dangerous animals. But as nature intended, the wild instincts
of the beast took hold. Humphrey frequently escaped its enclosure,
killed other farm animals, and chased humans it encountered. Humphrey would eventually attack his owner
one night in 2011, biting him repeatedly. Marius’ body was found submerged in the river
that ran through his farm, mutilated beyond measure. Number 5: Black Bear
Michael Walz was a dealer of exotic pets who had been keeping wild animals in his home
without a valid permit. His wide collection included a lion, jaguar,
tiger, and a black bear, all looked after by Michael himself and his wife Kelly. In October 2009, Kelly Walz entered the black
bear’s steel cage. She distracted the 350 pound creature with
some food she tossed at one end, and went to clean the other end. But at one point the bear turned around and
brutally mauled his owner. The horrific incident happened in front of
the eyes of her children and some neighborhood children, who quickly went to get help. The neighbor came running, armed, and shot
the bear while it was on top of Kelly. Kelly was pronounced dead at the scene. The attack was in part the owners’ own fault,
as they failed to have a two section cage which would allow the animal to be isolated
at one side while the other is being cleaned. According to that neighbor, Kelly had carelessly
been cleaning the cage her way a thousand times without getting harmed. However, all it took was the 1001th time to
get her killed. Number 4: Burmese Python Snake
In 1996, two Bronx teenage brothers named Grant and Lamar Williams bought a Burmese
python for 300 dollars at a local pet store, thinking to make a career in herpetology – or
the study and care of reptiles. They kept it caged in their bedroom, often
showing it off to friends. One day the 19 year old Grant Williams prepared
to feed his 44 pound snake with live chicken he just bought. But the reptile instead quickly coiled itself
around the young man’s body, preferring him as food. Grant was later found by his neighbors in
a pool of his own blood, lying in the apartment building’s hallway with the 13 foot long snake
still coiled around him. They called 911, and rescuers managed to free
him from the strong python’s grip, but he died over an hour later while on the way to
the hospital. The snake was transferred to Bronx Zoo. The species is one of the largest in the world,
and although can be handled quite well as pets, also readily feeds on whatever prey
it finds. Unlike professional reptile keepers, the young
brothers were careless, and had no idea about the precautions necessary in feeding the large
snakes. Number 3: Camel
This case itself is unusually disturbing for this list. Unlike the other murderous animals mentioned,
this animal killed his owner by trying to have sex with her. Pam Weaver, an exotic pet lover from Australia
was given a camel by her husband for her 60th birthday. The ten month old camel showed signs of erratic
behavior early on, having tried to mate with other animal species in the family’s sheep
and cattle ranch near Brisbane. One evening in August 2007, Pam’s husband
Noel came home to discover his wife’s dead body lying on the ground, with a camel footprint
on one side of her face, and another on her arm. Investigators concluded that the 330 pound
pet had knocked down his owner, lay on top of her, and humped her to death. A camel expert commented that the behavior
was no doubt amorous in behavior, although its sexual aggressiveness was unusual for
its young age. Number 2: Siberian Tiger
As chairman of the Canadian Exotic Animal Owner’s Association, Norman Buwalda was a
big advocate for keeping wild animals as pets. The man had 5 wild cats he kept on his property
in Ontario, including a tiger, lion, and a cougar. In June 2004, a ten year old boy came to his
property to take photos of the exotic creatures on Norman’s property, only to get mauled by
the Siberian tiger held there. The 350 pound cat was on a leash held by Norman. However, it managed to leap forward and attack
the boy, inflicting serious head and neck wounds on him. Norman was never legally implicated as he
had legal possession of the animals. However, the incident caused the neighboring
community to campaign to have the animals banned and removed, which Norman fought hard
against and won. However, Norman would soon fall victim to
one of his own cats he fought so hard for. One day in 2010, as he entered the cage of
one of his tigers alone to feed it, the beast brutally attacked his 66 year old owner. A family member found his mutilated body shortly
afterwards, lying in the tiger’s cage. Number 1: African lion
Al Abell and his wife Kathie had established an exotic animal exhibition farm tucked in
southern Illinois. The private zoo was something the couple had
dreamt of for years, and were finally able to establish in their retirement age. The couple would go on to manage the place
together, but fate took a turn for the worst in February 2004 when Al was left to tidy
the animal pens on his own as his wife left to run errands. The 52 year old man entered the pen of Simba,
a 5 year old African Barbary lion to change its bedding. It was the first time for him to do the task
alone, and his inexperience led him to forget to lock the gate which separated him from
the 380 pound beast that was sitting in a smaller pen while he had the area cleaned. When Kathie returned home late afternoon,
not only did she find her husband missing, but Simba was roaming around freely in the
area outside its enclosure. She had to call the sheriff’s office to put
the lion down, and they eventually found Al’s body lying nearby. Kathie admitted her husband was growing forgetful,
and was careless as he had grown too comfortable around the almost full grown lion they had
raised since it was a cub. Unfortunately, the lion’s natural beastly
instincts were not something that could’ve been tamed by
the couple.

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  1. No pity whatsoever, these animals are not meant to be kept in small areas and backyards. Morons.
    Utterly disgusted so many Americans keep wild exotic wildlife in small cages on their property and it’s all legal. I hope they’ll all end up on frontpage news as last nights dinner.

  2. You really… really… really have to be an absolute idiot thinking you can have a special connection with a wild animal.

  3. Yeah….I don't feel sorry for any of them…accept for the 10 year old innocent boy…I do hope he learned his lesson…. leave these animals alone as they can fend for themselves.

  4. This video should be people who got karmic justice for the exploitation of wild animals. All these morons deserved to die.

  5. So basically the damn Camel sexually assaulted that woman? THAT IS CRAZY!! This list was off the hook. Who TF would have pets like the ones on this list? WOW!!

  6. Nothing wrong at all with having snakes as pets as long as you are educated about them and teach others about them. They are not a pet for everyone however they can make some of the best pets ever as long as you are educated about them.

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