10 Creepiest Things Caught on Dash Cam

10 Creepiest Things Caught on Dash Cam

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  1. #5 was answered years ago. The fence wasn't attached on every poll. The car was able slip under the fence very quickly. The cop didn't know that.

  2. Number 9, there was only one officer in the car. The woman involved was a civillian. She was interviewed on Finding Bigfoot.

  3. Me again, number 8 is a frequently used tactic by immigrants desperate to hijack HGVs entering the UK to enter the country clandestinely, as they have this bizarre belief that it's nice here.

  4. #5 was debunked. The car lifted up the chain then went back after the car passed making it look like it just went through the chain

  5. Jesus Christ. I thought it was odd when the Friday The 13th font or typeface showed up on the menus of the Return of the Living Dead Part 2 Scream Factory Blu-ray, but now it's being used by countless YouTubers.

  6. Matt, can you do more funny/weird videos like you used to? I do like the creepy videos you make I just miss the silly you more!

  7. An answer was found for #5. Upon inspection the next day, the fence was broken/rings at the bottom were detached allowing the get a way car to drive under the fence. Feel free to search for the article, it was presented via a TV show Unexplained Mysteries.

  8. Your just walking down a road on a beautiful sunny day minding your own business and then a swarm Locust blocks out your whole site. I hate to just get a bug on me. Imagine that

  9. The police chase was debunked by Fact or Faked nearly 10 yrs ago….the chain part of the fence wasnt bolted down so it was like driving through a curtain…the chains dont flop given their weight

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