Yo! Super Smash Bros is one of my
favorite video game series from nintendo today we will tackle the different glitch of super smash bros ultimate this video is not meant to explain but just glitch compilation of different people that I found on the web or even that I will illustrate by myself with my own know that most bugs may have been corrected by updates I will try to classify the glitch of
the game mechanism to the graphics do not hesitate to react to the video at the same time to tell me if according to you
whether it’s a glitch or not at all I can be wrong of course and
to share in the comments area other glitches that do not
appear in this compilation if this type of content please
do not hesitate to let it know I will maybe do a sequel or even I will
tackle other games of the Nintendo license so do not hesitate in this case to subscribe and dropped a like to support me in some cases I will try to give an explanation to the glitch when I do not know the explanation at all I will not say anything
I will let you watch you will obviously find links, sources in descriptions or comment pinned currently just when this
video I am in version 1.2 to achieve this house it would take 2 like most of the glitch of this video go in extra, then drive, choose the village character and marie the purpose of this glitch is to return
the projectile launched by the villager do not forget to put the
computer in manual mode for control with a second controller
after a while and some passes normally three your Nintendo Switch will crash, at least: the game if this is the first time that
you ever have an error message you are asking to send data to nintendo this guide also works between
village-villagers and Marie-Marie now let’s attack a glitch that you’ve heard so much he has swept over the web I’m obviously talking about the one with the two Mary and the objects to infinity whatever the object, the most epic
is of course with the trophy help I let you admire the demonstration
we are back in the training mode and the goal is going to be to catch with the fishing rod the object except that there will only be one who will
have the object and he will use to infinity That’s OK ? I cut you anyway the extract it lasts a long time
to infinity as I said now we will go to the compilation of glitch find on the internet My my my ! Bayonetta! What do I hate this character! by the way tell me by the way what is your favorite character in SSB regardless of the game there we have a problem is that ice
climbers are locked in a temporality due to the bayonetta shot, I do not know the cause of this it may be because it typed two characters at the same time, what do I know… For the next action I do not know if it’s a glitch for you to tell me but in any case Diddy Kong hits Carapuce
well who at the time of the smash where there is zoom (animation) enters his Pokéball to be switcher with Herbizarre it prevents being projected,
I do not know it’s a glitch but in any case it allowed
victory in this situation There we are dealing with a problem of Grap with
the echoes fighters of the Fire Emblem series and the same with Mewtwo talking about character problems we have yoshi who can not reach meta knight so who’s hitting him, when he’s right next to him still a problem too with
Mary with her fishing rod she manages to teleport we have a pretty similar bug with lucas with his snake I let you watch so here we are dealing with the most cheaté
bugs of the game I think in my opinion Shulk who is a character I
know very little I just know he can transform temporarily to boost
yourself in a field and there thanks to this glitch it will allow
to have one or more transformations of unlimited if we manage to accumulate
via the glitch small demonstration the concrete purpose of this glitch is actually to activate a transformation
when we receive a final smash I let you admire now a few
moments where the netizens have managed to break the
game one way or another what’s interesting with the last
glitch you see is that actually Diddy Kong was thrown in
the air and it’s as if his projection screen did not want to be displayed now let’s get to terrain
bugs including collision we also have some bugs with
our dear Mr. Game & Watch which allows to slide while
returning the projectiles but also to evoke his kind of
breath in the middle of the field we do not know why we have to do now a little bug
concerning Crazy Main or his alter ego I do not know this is the case here, which remains
stuck below the final destination platform the only way to finnair
this fight is to fetch Crazy Hand below this platform Now let’s move on to a glitch that will
bring back memories to melee players since it was a similar
glitch to this game Kirby has such a powerful power to disappear
Ike from the map view a little bit of it! so here I do not know what’s going on
is it’s an extraterrestrial abduction it’s weird because it happens
because the UFO arrives then I do not know it’s due to the stairs or trophies help that Rondoudou everything can not use his final smash
to the maximum, in any case it makes it laguer then we have a little bug with the
rabbit thieves this is a bug that is achievable through manipulations
several times of time including apparently this thief can
have other glitch effects rather nice it’s a little
disguises I’ll let you look this time we find ourselves
for a little graphic bug regarding the pokemon stage go on it in aquatic form with fox you will have to make a fast speed while putting the joystick down you will find yourself in the Pokemon Stadium I leave you now with other graphic bugs I have nothing else to comment on
these bugs except to let you see and tell me what you think, if you ever liked
this video do not hesitate to subscribe to have others in the future
to let me know in the comments dropped a little like to support me you can also find my social
networks in description if you ever need to contact me tell me by the same
occasion that she is the glitch that you did not know in this video
and what is your favorite on this I wish you a good day good evening it depends
on what time are you watching this video BYE! 👍🔁💬

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  1. 📌 Voici les sources des glitchs et bugs présenté dans la vidéo sont dans le commentaire épinglé parce que la description est trop courte. Mais si vous souhaité avoir la liste, retrouvez les dans ce google doc (ils ne sont pas dans l'ordre de la vidéo) :


    Le but de cette vidéo est de diffusé l'information et le savoir sur des problèmes existant sur le jeu Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

    Certains Glitchs et Bugs doivent normalement être patché à l'avenir via les mises à jour

    ▶ Illustration d'introduction :


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    🎵 Lifelight (Main Theme Song) [Japanese] – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Soundtrack :


    🎵 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Main Theme – Lifelight


    🎶 Lifeligth cover :

    🎵【Sumashu】 LIFE LIGHT – FR version :


    🎵 Lifelight (Rock Ver.) – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Main Theme – Tsuko G. :


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  2. Salut ! En soit, faire une grosse compil de bugs n'était ptetre pas la meilleure idée, faire plusieurs vidéos genre 4/5 de durée moins longue aurait mieux je pense, c'est plus court, plus dynamique, ça se regarde vite et bien et ça correspond au mood actuel 😀
    Ensuite, tu devrais éviter de spam les animations green screen "Like" et "abonne toi", on pourrait penser que tu ne fais ça que pour avoir des abos, de la reconnaissance et donc de la tune :/

    Sinon la vidéo est sympa et les bugs sont assez bien montrés 😉

  3. Cc j'ai un problème sur le jeu en mode combat je n'arrive plus à débloquer de personnages alors qu'il m'en manque aide moi stp

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