🐛 Bug Salad 🐞 ‘Matthew’s Morals’ Ep #4 | Official FULL Episode | Nick

🐛 Bug Salad 🐞 ‘Matthew’s Morals’ Ep #4 | Official FULL Episode | Nick

[music playing] Drink, drink up, little angel darling! Come on, man. [music playing] [crashing] Hooray, crash! Matthew! Hey, my lawn children! [screeching] Rest in peace. Yeah, rest in peace… Doosh! Don’t copy him, Winston! Hey, Matthew! You’re being a bad person,
I question your morals! She’s right, Winston,
that kind of behavior– Hey! What are you doing?
You piece of trash! [kicking] [crashing] – Hey, look, free cookies!
– Oh! [eating] [gasping] You know, Matthew,
I’m just gonna come out and say it, you may be the worst person
I’ve ever met. And you’re officially
rubbing off on Winston! No! [hitting] – It’s OK.
– What’s happening to me? You’re a good boy! – He’s copying you, Matthew!
– So what? I’m great. Wrong! Winston’s bad behavior
is all your fault! And if you can’t clean up your act,
then… Then you can’t hang out with him anymore! [gasping] [screaming] We’re doing this ’cause we’re upset! [screaming] Stop that! I’d like to still hang out
with Winston, please? Well, then you need to start learning
acts of kindness right now, Mr. Man! Where am I? Matthew, this is the perfect place
for you to do some nice deeds. I’m gonna be good! [moaning] Oh, great, a weirdo! Er, Matthew,
I think she may just be hungry. Oh, I got this! [screaming] [crunching] I’m good! Er… Er… [groaning] [explosion] Matthew, why d’you do that?
That was bad! I dunno, I’ll try harder! – What I miss?
– Oh! I pushed her, I saw myself do it! Why, Matthew, why? I dunno, I just looked over and– Oh no, I did it again, I did it again! Try again, try again! Rats, rats, rats, rats! [groaning] Matthew, stop! It’s no use, we’re never gonna be able
to hang out again! [crying] Ssh, ssh, ssh, tender child. You are correct. [screaming] Stop that! I gotta try again, I can get this right,
I can get this right! Alright! One more chance! Feed me. [gasping] – Phew!
– Phew! I’m so excited to eat my food. [humming] Huh? Oh no, my body wants to punch him! [screaming} [groaning] I’m ready to eat still. [screaming] I can be good! I can be… Good! [screaming] Mmm. Matthew, you did it! Oh, I did it, I did it,
I’m good, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good! I’m good! Ugh, guess one got loose. Goo– [crashing] [wailing] I’m a good person. [crashing] [moaning] [music playing]

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  1. 0:18, This one scene alone completely reminded me of when I found out that unofficial Magic Children Doing Things video got took down.

    Don’t worry, Nick. I’m not mad or anything, it’s all fine.


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  4. My reaction when they take away my Video game system 1:15
    When you have to take a test
    When you have to retake the 5th grade

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