충녀(1972) / Insect Woman (Chungnyeo)

충녀(1972) / Insect Woman (Chungnyeo)

Production & Distribution
Hanlip Trading A Kim Ki-young Production(1972) Starring Yoon Yeo-jeong
Jeon Gye-hyeon Nam Koong Won, Kim Ju-mi Park In-chan, Lee Dae-keun, Kim Ho-jeong
Sin Jong-seop, Hwang Baek, Park Am Art director Park Seok-in
Music Han Sang-ki Cinematography Jung Il-sung
Lighting Cha Jung-nam Insect Woman Father! Get me out! I can’t take it here! This is too much! Father! Mother! Get me out! You can’t do this! Sir, give me a smoke. – Give me one, too.
– Me too! I want one, too. Doc, I want a solitary room. Mental patients commit suicide
in solitary rooms. In this asylum, the patients become patients
and doctors for one another. I’ve been here the longest. Most the patients here are impotent men
who have lost their nerves because of their nagging wives It’s the same with you, right? Your condition is serious. We must get back our masculinity.
The men have lost too much. I’m a biologist. I’ve study insect behaviors. I’m interested in the basic instinct
of female insects that devour the males
right after mating. In human beings,
I studied how some women devour men like the insects do. You have a serious illness.
Confusing people with insects? But you do agree with this, don’t you? Statistically, men die about 10 years
before women do. The men aren’t just dying,
they are being murdered by the women. You’ve heard of this before,
haven’t you? Producer Han Jin-seop Editing Hyeon Dong-chun
Recording Lee Jae-hwang Screenplay & Director Kim Ki-young Who’s there? Stand up. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? It’s my hobby. Give it to me. If you admit your wrong,
I can forgive you. Don’t be mad, sir.
I’ll just give it back to you. There! It’s so hot. Oh, my watch is gone. – What?
– Your watch? We have a common thief in our class. Who was the first to come in
to the classroom? Is it her? – The teacher is coming.
– Let’s sit down. Sit down. Attention! Bow! Sir, there’s been another theft. There is distrust among the girls.
We can’t take this anymore. We must call the police. I’m surprised you want to
call the police to school. The school is a kind
of extrajudicial area. Even if there was a thief among you, the police can’t take you. Why does a school
have such a privilege? That’s because a school is
a learning place for youths. Who can tell me what youth is? You! – Being young.
– You. Courage. – And?
– Action. – You!
– Purity. – You!
– Amateur. – You!
– Fever. Fever? Nietzsche said that
youth was a kind of fever. Like the flu or malaria. Sit down. From what you’ve said, youth is the courage of the young that challenges the older generation
with pure amateur spirit. – Right!
– Yes! Forgetting this on your desk
is also a part of youth! Lee Myeong-ja, what was
the meaning of youth again? Youth is… Youth is… The courage of the young… Sir, her father passed away. – I feel so sorry for her.
– Me too. You’re going that way, right? – Yes, bye!
– Bye! Let’s go. Myeong-ja! Myeong-ja! Father! Father! Don’t cry. The other family took him and
we can’t even go to his funeral How can we call ourselves his kids
when we don’t even know where his grave is? His business failed because of us. Isn’t that why we gave up our dad? It’s our failure that we lost our dad. We’ve all lost.
We’ve lost ourselves. We haven’t lost anything.
We’re still the same. It’s all lies! Lies! Myeong-ja, I have to ask you to look after the family. Let’s all go out and get jobs. Your brother has to go to college. Me on my own? If you work at a courtesan,
you can earn as much as businessman. I work as a courtesan
and he goes to college? He’s not interested in studying. I will study! – And pigs will fly!
– Shut up! If your brother can’t go to college… – I’d rather kill myself.
– Mother! No use favoring him! He never studied saying
that he was the son of a mistress. If I work as a courtesan, you won’t study saying
he has a bargirl for a sister. What? How dare you say that! You, wench! Hit me more! Go on! Fine! Stop it! We’re done for! We’re doomed! We’re all going to die! Mom… Your debt is already 200,000 won. My brother’s tuition fees
are so expensive. I’m telling you, you have to
strike it lucky the first time. On your second time,
you’ll be worth garbage. Is that how it works? Leave it up to me. You have to become
a real gold digger. There… Drink up! Excuse me. Can I talk to you? I have a favor to ask. A man is offering 300,000 won
to spend a night with you. Let me have him. My husband is hospital
so I’ve borrowed more than 300,000 won
from the madam. I was about to kill myself. I’ll let you two talk. I’m totally mad. I took the money from
my rent down payment. Look, 300,000 won! I can’t. I have a boyfriend. You’re lying.
I know you came straight from school. I need a virgin. My wife was not a virgin. I’m spending all my money
to avenge her. Sleep with Gyeong-hui instead. She really needs the money. I’m not a charity worker. Men aren’t like me these days. I’m the only fool that would spend
money like this. One in a 30 million. Take off your underwear. – I’ll do it.
– Take it off. Take it off! Stop it! No! I’ll do anything, but not this! – Come on!
– No! Please! No! No! Please! – Stop it!
– Why, you! Stop it! No! I’ll do anything, but… Who is it? Let me check your ID. – I knew it.
– I’m reporting you to the police. You crook!
Where is the 300,000 won? What the… 300,000 won? I knew it. – The money is fake!
– It can’t be… – Hey!
– I can’t… Making money isn’t that easy. It won’t work for an amateur like you. Only pros can survive in the world. – I’m sorry.
– I got you off the hook. You need a pro to work with. Leave everything up to me. We go halves on the money. But betraying means
death for us both. Here! You’ll have all the support
you’ll ever need. We’re risking our lives for each other. There. She’s suddenly lost her voice. It must be from shock. This is pretty serious. It’s okay. Say ah! Say ah! Ah… You sit here
and keep your eyes on Mr. Kim. Don’t take your eyes off him for even just a second. Mr. Kim is impotent. Hello! It’s been a while! – Your wife doesn’t let you go?
– Let me go? She can’t wait to
sell me off as garbage. If you can’t get it up,
you can’t control your wife. Why is she staring at me? It’s like she wants to eat me
or something. I’m starting to feel funny. She’s from the country
and doesn’t know anything. She’s a pie in the sky for me. Now… Sit down. She stands there because sitting
next to a man will get her pregnant. She can’t have a baby
even if you sit with me for 10 years. Take a seat. Your staring feels like it’s piercing
through my body. You shouldn’t stare like that. She must have fallen for you. – You look like my brother.
– Your brother? She’ll never get pregnant
with that line. These country girls
have their own ways. What a thing to say to
such a young girl! You never know
until you open the box. Why… It’s okay. I’m sorry. Well… Do you want some walnuts? Here… Forgive me.
I have a fiance back home. He wanted to sleep with me
so I ran away. What am I supposed to about that? I came because Madam told me
that you won’t be able to do anything. But she gave you some medication. What will you do with me
after getting me pregnant? I don’t want to have your baby!
Never! Over here. She ran away. Don’t worry. I’ve made sure they catch her
and bring her back. Have a nap. Don’t waste your energy. I’ve never slapped a woman before. There’s not much to a woman. I feel good after slapping her. It’s making more confident. So much trouble getting her back! It’s because she’s a virgin. She only gets to have the tantrum
once in her life, so just let her. Cheer up! It’s no use. The doctor said that it’s impossible
for me unless the mental burden is gone. She is tied up. You won’t be able to undress her. Cut off her clothes with this razor. Think of this as yourself. No! Let me go! I don’t want a baby!
What about my life? Is money everything to you? Don’t you care that
you’re ruining a woman’s body? I… Please! Oh, mother! Myeong-ja… What are you doing, Myeong-ja? – Let’s go.
– No. Come on. If I hadn’t come for you,
you would’ve been hit by a car. Women these days
would need ten lives. Please live with me. I don’t want to do that shameful act
with another man. I’ve never been interested in men. But now I need you, and you said that you need me too. We have to live together. But we don’t love each other. I don’t know anything about that. Love only corrupts things. We can be loyal
because we need each other. All right. That’s more lasting
than cheap love. But we have to go somewhere first. You should see my wife. We’ll live together, if you’re sure
you can withstand even beating. Vehicle inspection is a skill. She is cold to some drivers but kind to others. Too much or too little can lead
to a car accident. I failed because
I didn’t get that principle. But my wife picked it up easily. My wife is a hero. With her skills and reputation,
everyone in the business fears her. You have to fight against her. Is your mother out again? You slept out again. It’s Sunday so she’s home. Well, it’s because of the curfew. The thieves sleep in peace at night. But many people end up
staying out causing trouble at home. And you use the curfew
to play around with many women. You like to criticize me
just like your mother. That same song again? It’s the year of the rat,
so a friend gave me a couple. They’re so smart
that they want to dance. They asked me to play this song. Don’t even start. You make them dance until they die. That’s just like mother too. Cruel just like her. Father! I’m leaving the worldly realm
that you live in. I’m not eating animal or plant food
that has life. The wonder of life…
That’s what God is. Even Buddha wasn’t as strict as I am. Without animals or plants,
there’s nothing to eat. But there is! Twenty questions! I have no idea. Even Buddha didn’t know
so he ate vegetables. It’s honey! Honey is sugar from insects.
It doesn’t have life. You’re right. Honey, huh? You’re better than Buddha. Hey, you’ll make us bankrupt
eating only expensive honey. I’ve never overstepped
my boundaries into your assets. But scratching the nose is my thing. So don’t overstep into that. You take after all my weirdness. That’s why you’re no good. You should’ve called
if you couldn’t come home. Geez! I hate it when women nag. Getting hit by lightning
would be better. I don’t want to hear it.
You’re a failure. As a businessman and as a husband. That’s right, a failure. You really know
how to discourage a man. Let’s check your weight.
Still, you have to live long. Where is the angel? Just because it’s not in the light Doesn’t mean it’s not in the dark I’ve decided to
become Mr. Kim’s mistress. What? I’m going to keep my fidelity. I don’t want to do the shameful act
with another man. But… You’re quite a thing. Mistress?
I learned that from my mother. Stealing a husband from the wife. You’re forgetting
that if you quit here, the women will take revenge
on you for betraying. I’m an educated woman.
I rebel against violence. Oh! The man who waits for her
at the bottom of the hill The young girl who has
to leave her mother She only met him a few days ago She never knew him before How can she trust him? She doesn’t even know him You’ll get fat eating like that. But I feel good today. Why did you sleep out last night? I played Mahjong with a friend. Let’s check your skin reaction. If a man sleeps with another woman, he will automatically wince
when his wife touches him. Oh, I didn’t know about that. I should be careful from now on. Why… We have a guest. A young woman. – A young woman?
– She says she’s the mistress. She’s already in the house Mistress? Why… Honey! Honey! Why… I want to say hello to the wife. We’ve started living together
in an apartment. I’m very forward
so I didn’t want to hide it from you. Strange.
He’s a cripple that can’t be with a woman. I’ve fixed him. He’s great now. You fixed him? He said I’ve given him his life back. If anyone tries to separate us,
he said he’d kill them. What? Honey, come down here. What have I done to you to have
this girl humiliate me like this? Honey, cheer up.
You’re not 50 years old anymore. If you sleep with a 19 year-old girl,
then you’re 19 too. Come on! What? Nineteen years old? He said you’re old
and your skin has started to sag and it’s like sleeping with a corpse. How dare a young thing
like you come in here! Honey! Come down here! You damned wench! – Mother is pretty tough!
– I’m scared of what will happen next. It’s only your dad
that I wasn’t able to teach a lesson. What… What the… My mother killed herself
because of the mistress. You should do something. These days, people have no decency.
They just go for what they need. People are all lost and lonely. We shouldn’t go easy on the immoral. Immoral and degenerate things
must be eliminated. Where did he find a girl like that? Oh… My husband is not coming
until we work this out. I’d rather send him
to the slaughterhouse than here. Are you here for revenge?
Don’t underestimate me because I’m alone. I used to be
on the sports team at school. I’m here to make a deal. I can let you live with him
on certain terms. It’s a pity that
I have to call you the mistress. Is it a fair deal? First, you can have him
for half a day. But you must send him home
after midnight no matter what. For peace at home
and for the children’s future, he is not allowed to sleep out. So he’s mine
from midday to midnight? This is his body. For 20 years, I’ve looked after it well. His weight is 70kg
and blood pressure is 130. At fifty, his body is on a downhill.
It needs to be cared for. I brought a scale.
Report the data to me everyday. His meals, exercise, sex, bath,
drinking and coffee. You have to control them. All that? You have to be a medical doctor
to live with a middle aged man. Rushing things can get him killed. Next is money. There has to be something in it
for the mistress, right? But he has no money.
I give him allowance. I’ll give him 100,000 won more
from this month, so you must come and get it from me. Make sure you give me the receipts
so that I can hand them in to the tax office. Oh… Give me a set of your key too. Here. Break the rules
and no more allowance. She’s so tough. It’s like having ten mothers-in-law. I’m going to kill myself cooking.
Nothing’s easy. That’s so refreshing. – Weight yourself first.
– Okay. 84kg. You gained 500 grams. Oh… It means I’m healthy. Your wife will kill me.
Let me lose it for you. You think you can just
pull it off like dough? Trust me. That’s good. Feels great. It’s Mexican. Cute, right? But I can’t eat it.
It looks like a live chicken. Even hens do their best to look pretty. Anyway, they’re victims. Geez… Poor thing. Life is precious. Ma’am? I’m reporting for today. He’s feeling good today. He had Mexican chicken. Gaining weight? Okay. I’ll only give him light meals. He can have proper meals at home. My life depends on you
and your husband. I’ll do everything you say. Honey! Honey! Wow! Honk the horn. – Why don’t we wait a little more?
– Just honk the horn. Time to go. Maybe I should just sleep here. No, we can’t disrupt the peace
in your home. My home is here. It’s not. We don’t have a child. Oh, that’s right. I want to have
a child that looks like you. I want to have
a child that looks like you, too. That’s already two. Just thinking about it
makes my heart race. If it were our child,
I would love to raise it. My wife never let me near our babies. She said I’d spoil them or give them
germs with dirty hands. She had them all to herself. When I was young,
I didn’t know any better. But now, I would put my heart into playing,
having fun and sleeping together
with my child. I’m afraid of how much it’ll hurt. A woman gives up her own life
when giving birth. More than that,
I pity the child of a mistress. I won’t give birth as a mistress. But perhaps
you could divorce your wife. Stop attacking my weak spot. Go now. It’s your wife’s turn from now. Oh, let’s check your weight again. Good, you’ve lost some. I don’t care that I’m a mistress.
Let me have your child. I have no choice to beat your wife. Thank you for coming
to my birthday party. Let’s introduce ourselves. This is your ‘little’ mother.
So we are all family. It’s an honor. Breaking up the house
got you what you wanted. You’re a university student, right? I wish I were in kindergarten. Little mother is about my age. A mistress is always young. Let me ask you. Why did you come into our house
and disturb the peace? Watch what you say.
It’s my birthday party. There is a wife who is great
intelligent and successful. That’s why her husband
felt inferior and useless and even tried to commit suicide. I was just passing by
and saved his life. He became a new man from then on. That’s a lie.
Who told you that? Your husband did. The doctor said that. Oh, I see. A new man needs a new woman,
is that it? I’m going to give out
this month’s allowance. The precious moment
that proves we’re all her slaves. – Come on.
– You’re great, mother. Ju-mi, buy yourself a dress. Dad, you should give that
to the little mother. Hey, just take it. You’ll be getting
allowances from her too. Little mother reminds me of the rats. I got them when she first came
to our house. They’ve already had ten babies. I’m sure she’s going to have
lots of babies too. What? A rat can give birth to ten babies. Then the ten can become a hundred,
a hundred becomes a thousand… Her complexion isn’t good.
May be she’s sick. Let’s get you inside. Just a minute… I know what you’re doing!
So much for my health! This is unbelievable. A baby is between
a man and a woman. Others have no right.
It’s God’s business. I was thinking of your future. I don’t want either you
or your child to be unhappy. There was nothing
about a baby in our agreement. I simply forgot. Then I will have a baby
no matter what. Isn’t there an operation
so that bitch can’t get pregnant? Not unless she herself consents. A vasectomy is easier. Oh, that’s right. I can control my own husband. Are you listening? You two won’t last
so don’t get her pregnant. – I’ll go with nature’s flow.
– Nature causes accidents. Listen to me and get a vasectomy. That’s like killing me. You have a grown son and daughter. If something happens to them,
then my family line will be discontinued. That’s crazy talk. I’m the third-generation only son.
It’s my duty to continue the line. Forget it. Just snip it. I won’t forgive you for saying
such a thing to man. You may have a duty
from your great ancestors. But I have a duty worth risking my life
to protect this family. We both have harsh realities to face. Let’s drink to that. Have a drink. Doctor? Doctor Kim, it’s me. My husband consented to the operation. He hates getting shots
so I put sedatives in his drink. Okay, I’ll take him there. Mom, what have you done to him? You don’t need to know. You had something cut
without his consent so that he can’t father a child again. I just did what
the Family Planning Group is promoting. The problem is
whether he agreed to it. If I had my way,
I would’ve cut off his head instead. Wait! His body is yours
and mine at the same time. Why did you operate on him
against his will and ruin him? Is that why you’re here? You half killed him mentally and now you killed
the other half with a knife. You’re an evil woman. Breaking up
a happy family is more evil. He left you
because you looked down on him! You, wench! I’ll feed my husband and his mistress
but not your dirty child! You’re after my family
but you’ll never get it. Let’s go. Myeong-ja! What am I to you?
What do I do now? I wanted you to have my child. My child… I’m a cripple now. A woman can’t keep a man
unless she has his child. It’s finished now. Finished… The evil bitch! Like a female spider
that eats her mate! Hello, is that the hospital? Room 203, please. What? He has left? A young woman came for him? Chauffeur! Chauffeur! – Why…
– Geez・ They left a note. Oh, my… – Read it.
– Okay. With children and a house,
I was going be obedient to you and live for a long time
looking after your husband. I have no hope,
so I’ve drugged myself. But this is just a practice. If I wake up, prefer being dead,
then I will really kill myself then. Damn you! Wake up! What did you feed him? Tell me! What did you feed him? I’ll bring a doctor, ma’am. – Make them vomit and they’ll wake up.
– Hurry up. What did you feed him? Honey, wake up. – Youth!
– That was close. It’s the courage of the young
to challenge the older… Youth… So tragic! Everything is so tragic! Dying is tragic. Dying is so tragic… Myeong-ja… Myeong-ja! Father! Father! Mom… What are you doing here? Let me bow to you, mother. Mom, you’ve had a tough life. I used to hate you
for being a mistress. But now you make me cry. Things must be hard for you, dear. Here is some money. You’re giving me money
so your life must be better than mine. I splurged all my money trying
to outdo the wife. I had nothing left. You’re a fool, mother. You lost all your money,
so now your daughter is a mistress too. Life as a mistress must be in our blood. My mother was one too. What a great thing you’ve passed on. That’s why you shed so many tears. I don’t want to hear it. I came to thank you
for giving me the house. But my tongue is all stiff. The doctor says I have neurasthenia. When a man has that operation, the woman
gets dissatisfied and becomes sick. Are you giving me the house for good? It’s rented. You got kicked out of the apartment
because of the ruckus. It’s all fake. Ever since his operation,
everything is fake. You shouldn’t trust him.
He has nothing. No love, no affection.
Only tedium. How come you didn’t give up
and still hang on? A married couple without love.
That’s a sin and hypocrisy. I don’t want to hear it! Love is flitting. We just can’t break up a marriage
with 20 years of history. Even though we hate
and curse each other, all the married couples
go on for that reason. I’m shaking up that 20 years of history
in my arms! What’s so funny? Shall I show you something more fun? Look. Cute, huh? When you move to the summer house,
take these rats. I don’t like rats. White rats are gentle.
I hold them all the time. They never bite. It bit me! You had it bite me!
Even rats in this house want to harm me. Honey! Oh, I should help with the moving too. Jo-mi said to give you this
for the new house. Be careful with that. Honey, I killed the rats.
I’ve lost a few. Please catch them for me. Honey! Come and see this! It’s not a rat! Come here. – Call the police!
– No! It’s bad luck to give away
an abandoned child. This is great luck for us.
A free house and a baby. We’re going to keep it? Let’s check if it’s a boy or girl first. – It has a tail.
– Oh, you! A tail in the front? It’s a willy. Go get some milk, toys, and diapers. – We don’t have any.
– Go and buy them! Buy whatever that stops babies crying. Oh, my lucky baby!
Hurry back, darling. Don’t cry my lucky baby! Don’t cry, baby. It’s so dark. Who’s there? How did you get inside? Don’t you have a maid? They all run away
saying this house is scary. – Give me set of keys.
– I don’t have it ready. Is that a baby? You’re a good baby. Don’t cry! Peek-a-boo! Your most expensive belonging is here. It must be worth 3 million won. 3 million won? You seem younger. Babies are so cute. Since when did you adore babies? The baby looks like someone. It looks like a person, that’s what. Anyway, I like that a woman
raises a baby. First, she will learn
that a family is sacred. Second, she won’t lie.
Let’s go. Honey, the baby won’t
stop hiccupping. Tickle its nostrils.
Don’t you know such things? Let’s go. Peek-a-boo! Oh, no! I have to heat the milk again. Wait! Wait! Hello? – Haven’t you heard of Dracula?
– What? A monster that drinks blood.
That child loves blood. Who are you?
Are you the wife? Your voice is similar. Why do you trick me like this? Here… Excuse me. A phone call for the lady customer. How did they know? Hello?
Don’t forget to feed him. He can’t bear it.
He’ll suck on anything. Mice, cats, people…
That boy loves blood. Hello? Who’s there?
Who’s there? Why… Eun-pyo! Ma’am. How come you didn’t lock the door? The madam wants to you
to come right away. If I miss his feeding time,
he’ll eat anything. Then the boy will
get stomachaches. – He’s not an ordinary boy.
– Please come out. Now… My girl has locked herself up
in her room for two days. She’s ashamed
that her friends saw her dad holding hands with a young woman
in downtown. Please keep going. Please promise her
that you will never shame her again. Okay. It’s little mother. For the honor of this house, I swear that I will never go around
holding hands with your father. There is nothing sincere about you! A devil disguised as a woman! You’re the devil! Chauffeur! Chauffeur! Yes? The baby is gone without a trace. – Somebody must’ve taken him.
– No way. The all the doors were locked. If he is not fed on time,
he will go look for his own food. There is nowhere to go
except a rat hole or the sewers. Right, rat holes. He must’ve gone
to the rat holes to catch rats. What? I made up my mind. I’ve been thinking, legally and morally, is it a crime to rape a mistress? A woman that lures a married man and destroys his family and brings hell! Even if I rape you,
you don’t have anyone to tell. You’re not protected by anyone.
You’re not even a real human being. – Let go! Let go!
– Myeong-ja, I like you. Protected by nobody? Go and tell the madam
the less we are protected, – we learn to protect ourselves!
– Shut up! Oh my! Oh… Eun-pyo! Eun-pyo! Eun-pyo! I didn’t know
you were interested in rats. I know how to drive the mistress out. If we drive the rats into that house,
that fool will run away. I sent her rats as a gift
but it’s no good yet. This one will become a thousand. I’m thinking of a perfect crime. Mom must be doing the same.
She’s not going to take it. I gave up when she and father
pulled that suicide stunt. What are you talking about? You must be jealous of her. But you always have to look
inside a person. She’s not the last.
There will be plenty of girls that follow. The problem is your father. It’s important how we end this
so he never does it again. It’s time but he hasn’t come. I thought maybe he was still here. He’s not. Why aren’t you waiting at home? Ma’am, I came to ask for a favor. Please change the time
that I get with him. From 4pm to 4am. That’ll be the death of me. If I can’t sleep till 4 am,
I can’t work the next day. I’m going crazy. Your husband approves of it too. I won’t do it.
What happened to our agreement? What woman would give
the mistress a house with furniture and an allowance? I’m making a huge sacrifice
because of our pact. But this is it. No more. I’m so scared of that empty house! What about maids?
You can have a maid if you want. Why not have a help? Fine, I’ll go.
I made some useless comments. Chauffeur, drive her home. Is he really not here? He’s not. Did you see how your father
made of a fool of me? Father? I can’t stand the sleepless nights anymore.
I can’t give you back. Then why did you agree
on such terms with my wife? Why do you fear her
when you’re not even interested in her? All men are like that. Why do men get dominated
by women who are the weaker? A scholar said that from young, men are trained
by their mothers to grovel. Grovel after making a mess
in the diaper. Grovel for a candy, grovel for food. So later we grovel to the wives
for the same reason. So it’s the mothers
that make the men fear their wives. I used to grovel to my mother
for candies all the time. Shall I be your mother? Honey, candy for you. She won’t last.
I can’t believe she lost the child. He must be stuck behind furniture
or stuck in a rat hole. Maybe she dropped him
in the sewage pipe. We’ll find the corpse
when it starts to reek. I’ll be in bed first. Make sure you clean up good. I can’t stand the filthy smell
of her perfume. I’ve let you practice
with the mistress all this time. Now it’s time to show me your skills. How is she different from me? She doesn’t know anything. She’s young, so she ignores money. She has a future,
so money isn’t everything to her. It’s because I give her an allowance. She doesn’t know anything.
She’s just doing her part. Even when it comes to sex. But you know everything so well. That’s why you make demands, and I fail. I can’t do anything for fear of failing. Come on… Why, you… What’s wrong with you? What the heck… Eun-pyo! Eun-pyo! Eun-pyo! Eun-pyo! Eun-pyo! Eun-pyo! Who is it? Is it you, ma’am? If you’re the wife, act like it! You can’t get rid of me
with these flimsy threats! Don’t play tricks!
You hid the baby, right? Show yourself to me! I’m glad your appetite is back. Eat something.
Good food means good stamina. Your wife tells me
to only serve you vegetables. She’ll get mad at me
because I like meat. Meat is the best. Vegetables are for cows and sheep. Oh, I forgot the beer. Let me get it. No. Is something wrong? Just one bottle is fine.
I’m full. It’s something urgent. Why don’t you eat something, honey? Just a bottle of cold coke. – I’ll get it.
– No, I will. Honey, the police has arrested our son. We have to act fast. – Why didn’t he…
– Please get going. I’ll give up my time. Hurry. Don’t worry about me.
I give up my time. You’re not giving up.
He’s just doing his part as a father. We don’t have time. Let’s go. I miss him. I miss him. I miss him. I miss him. I’m so lonely. I’m so lonely. I came to congratulate you on
your new life, but something seems off. I’m going to check out everything. First, how often does he
sleep here a week? He comes everyday
but goes back at midnight. How come? I made an agreement with the wife. That minx! A mistress has to train the man to
never sleep with the wife. That’s how you get rid of her.
But she’s doing the opposite. Why did you agree to that? Geez! – But I get an allowance from the wife.
– Allowance? What the heck is going on here? – Hey.
– She’s a tough one to beat. She forced vasectomy on him
as we started living together. Now she gave me a raise
for caring for the child. What child? But he disappeared in the room
all of a sudden. Which room? Let’s go. Let’s break some bottles.
It’ll make us feel better. Life as a mistress isn’t all that rosy. It’s strange that the baby appeared
on the moving day. And then he disappeared like smoke. It’s all her trick. You have to keep him here no matter what. The men die on battle fields, and we, women die at home. Go downstairs. A dream about rats. Rat dream means you get pregnant. – Dad.
– Yes? Your son is leaving school
and going to the army now. And he’s saying goodbye
to eating honey. That’s great. Even in university,
he was a mother’s boy. Now he will leave her arms
and become a real man. This is great.
Here is some pocket money. Go have fun tonight
and join the army as a real man. Is that all you ever care about? Hey, you don’t understand men. I leave 6 am tomorrow by train. As you say, I will stay out
the whole night with friends. Honey? Honey! Honey! Has she gone mad? I’m here to get my husband! I have to be with him day and night. Don’t overstep your boundaries.
I could report you to the police. An empty threat! It won’t work. You’ve given me an allowance,
you accepted the adultery. Wake up! I can stop the payment. Forget it! The allowance is what you give to maids. You are keeping a mistress
like raising a pig or a cow. I don’t want your money or the house. I just want my man! This time-sharing thing is a trick! He is not well. He has to stay at home
and rest his mind. Rest his mind? He told me that
when you’re lying next to him, your venom is more terrible
than being in hell. It’s a lie. You’re a great business woman
but no better than a murderer. When there a car runs over person,
you get the driver off the hook. And if the victim costs a lot of money,
you have them secretly killed. Why, you… You should watch your mouth! Don’t hit my man! He’s worthless to you,
but he like God to me. – Why, you!
– Hey, stop it! You two have been conspiring to kill me! Our family is doomed!
Isn’t anyone there? Kill her or kill me instead! Mother! You bitch!
Why did you ever come into our home? Hey! Are you totally mad? – What…
– You hit me? You hit a son going
off to the army tomorrow? I curse you, father! I curse you! I curse you! I curse you… I will come for him at midnight
no matter what! Let’s see who wins! Why are people so greedy? A cactus is a lonely plant that has
survived in the water desert for millions of years. When it rains every few years
or tens of years, it blooms flowers for to propagate and attracts insects to help people. They have nothing left in the desert
but propagation. The doctor said you can father a child. You had a vasectomy,
but everything is in order. It’ll hurt a little
but they can do artificial insemination. I hate pain. Artificial insemination
is easy with plants. The doctor said rat dreams
stem from being dissatisfied. If we have a baby,
the rats in my dream will die. A cactus is a lonely plant that has
survived in the waterless desert for millions of years. When it rains every few years
or tens of years, it blooms flowers for propagation and attracts insects to help people. – Mother.
– Oh, you startled me. You should be going off to the army. I have a big present for you. Let’s go out. Hurry. Honey. It’s time to go. But I’m not going today. I was sleepy and forgot about it. I almost let her have you. My mother lost my father
before he died, but I will never lose you. Turn off the light. I have to eat something
to help me sleep. A habit is a scary thing. I always wake up at midnight. I can see why when a man starts
sleeping with the mistress, he never goes home to this wife. It’s just habit. My wife knew that, so she had me
always come home at midnight. Why did he have to die in the fridge? I thought he went into
the sewage pipe to eat rats. What? To eat rats? That’s crazy! I’m sure I heard crying down there at first. How did he get in the fridge? He must’ve got locked up
when the door closed. He must’ve screamed and
cried in the freezing cold. Nobody knew. Somebody must’ve put him there. This is trick. Somebody put a baby’s corpse
in the fridge twice. Somebody is framing as a murderer! It’s her! Honey! Honey! Honey! Honey! It’s not me! Somebody set it up
to make us break up. You have to trust me!
Please. How creepy!
A child died in the fridge! So terrible!
He must’ve been so scared. He froze to death.
How could this have happened? It’s not our fault. We have to prove that we are innocent. We have to help each other. What? Where are you going? You don’t have to go home. You suspect me, so you don’t want to be
with me anymore? If you go now, you’ll never come back. Things must go smoothly
for a man and a woman. If unlucky things happen,
they must break up. That’s the rule in a relationship. Didn’t you hear me?
I trust you. Even right now! I trust you! That’s not the issue. This is the end. You have to take of everything
on your own. There is good way to solve
even the biggest problem. Suicide! Let’s make it a neat finish. My family was good to you. You were just unlucky. Honey! This isn’t what we agreed on.
If you go to the wife, I’ll lose you. You’re mine. I’m too scared to live on my own. Honey! Honey! Honey! Honey… Come back, honey!
I’ll kill myself if you tell me to. I’ll kill myself if you tell me to!
Stay with me! Honey! If you leave, it’s all over! If you leave, it’s all over! No! No! Honey! Honey! Honey! Honey! Honey! I’ll lose you if you go! I love you. It’s once in a lifetime for me. I came into this world to be with you. I only had a piece of you in this world, but in the next world,
I’ll have you all to myself. Honey, I will go with you. I will kill myself too. Honey! I’m coming with you. I’m coming with you.
My life is yours. I’m coming with you. Honey! Take me with you! I’m coming… Honey, I… I’m coming with you.
Take me with you. Honey… Honey… Honey… Honey! I’m not leaving yet.
It’s not because I want to live. Somebody framed me. I have to know who. It must be the wife or the son. I love you. The only one in my life. I came into this world to be with you. I only had a piece of you in this world, but in the next world,
I’ll have you all to myself. Then why didn’t you die with him? The razor was gone. I loved him so I tried to die with him. It’s a lie! You didn’t kill him out of love. You struggled to get rid of
being a mistress. You hated it more than dying. Your mother was one too.
That’s proof. – No! No!
– You hated being a mistress and in the end,
you brought about this tragedy. A mistress carries explosives in her heart. They’re all the same. Ready to ruin
everything if things don’t go right. No! No! No! Enough! You should’ve been dead. You should’ve died
saving shame to our family. Die! Die! – Ma’am!
– You dirty bitch! We need to talk. Oh… Why did I have to find a razor now? Did she drop it for me to kill myself? Or is my darling calling for me
from the other side? But I don’t want to die right now. I’ll take my punishment
for my crimes. Dying is meaningless. There are footprints of yours
and your son’s in the yard. We came to meet him. You said he wanted to
give you a big present. A present? Your son’s big present
was destroying the mistress! – That’s why he killed the baby.
– No! No! I killed the baby. Where is the dead body? Call the military police.
We have to bring in her son for questioning. No, it was me that killed the baby! Mom! Let’s go. Let’s go. Mom! Father! Father! I can’t lose him! Father! Father! No! I will go with him! He’s my father! Father! Father! I won’t lose him! I won’t! I killed him because I loved him! In death, I won’t ever lose him again. I won’t lose him ever! Youth! That’s the courage of the young! Youth! In the end, the desires of
the two women resulted in murder. You should forget
about your woman, too. The day when monogamy
disappears from our world there won’t be any need
for a mental hospital like this. Women are pragmatists. They are ferocious beings that guard their existence
and offspring with no need for ideals. They are fundamentally different
from men that wander. There is no compromise. Even for a hero
who conquers and rules the world, he would realize at the end of his life, that there is nothing
as worthwhile as a good married life. Oops, such thoughts will
not help my mental state. My case must be a serious one. Can I take your temperature? The End

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