♥Easy Way to Remember Infection Control Precautions ║FearlessRN

♥Easy Way to Remember Infection Control Precautions ║FearlessRN

Hey guys! How are you doing? In this video I will share with you an easy way to remember infection control precautions for NCLEX. I will list the precautions that you need to know as well as the specific diseases that go into each category. There’s a 35-page study guide that I found online on allnurses.com that was very very helpful with a lot of need-to-know information as well as they provided a nice list for this topic infection control precautions so if you’re interested in that, I will leave it directly linked in my description box below for you to check out. My best friend & I came up with a way to remember the infection control precautions by having a little phrase to go along with. As I say the following phrases, I will list the diseases that belong in each category. Airborne precautions: “my chicken flew up in the sky (correction **AIR) and has TB” For this patient, you will need gloves and an n95 mask. The patient must wear a mask when being transported out of the room. They must be in a private room, negative air pressure and they can room or cohort with another patient with the same disease. Droplet precautions: Spiderman “Spiderman dropped out of the sky” For this precaution we will need gloves, gown, mask and eye goggles. The patient must wear a mask when being transported out of the room. Stand three feet away from the patient because if any closer you can get the disease. The door can stay open and this patient can cohort with another patient with the same exact disease and they must be in a private room as well. Contact precautions: “Mrs. Wee ” “If you want to get better do not contact Mrs. Wee”. You will need gloves and a gown. This patient must be in a private room and they can cohort with another patient the same disease. Skin infections: “V chips”. “To prevent skin infections avoid touching V chips”. Universal or standard precautions are the precautions that you’ll use for every patient no matter what disease process they have. So for this standard precaution you will need to hand hygiene and wear gloves. Stay tuned for the demo of each precautions listed in this video as I’ll demonstrate how you put on your personal protective equipment while taking care of each type of patient with these following diseases. Please be sure to come back for that video coming up next. I hope that you found this video very easy to follow and informative and if you like this video please be sure to give a big thumbs up so I know that you like it as well as leave a comment down below so I know if this style is what you would prefer, something short and quick and straight to the point. Please share this video along with your friends and Subscribe today so won’t miss out on new videos coming and I wish you all the best on studying for your NCLEX. stay tuned for the next video bye! stay Blessed!

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  1. This is wrong. Airborne is n95, negative pressure room and hand washing. Droplet is surg mask and hand washing+private room.

  2. Not sure if you thought about be a professor. Nursing school need a professor like you. You will be one of the favorite professor. And your Nursing student will learn so the will never forget. Thanks!!

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